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Security Matters

Many small and medium-sized business owners believe that hackers won’t target their business because they have nothing of value to an attacker. Think again. Cyber-criminals know that smaller companies are easy targets because they generally don’t take adequate measures to secure their network and computers. Phishing attacks are becoming more sophisticated and ransomware continues to experience record growth. At the same time, new compliance mandates (like POPI and GDPR) are adding to the cost of attacks, regardless of whether data is recoverable or the victim pays the ransom. The cost of recovering from a data breach or malware infection is significant, not to mention the damage to your companies reputation.

What steps can you take to protect your organisation?

  1. Make sure all your computers have reputable anti-virus software installed and that it is up to date.
  2. Run Windows Update at least once a month to ensure that your computers receive the latest security updates from Microsoft. Better still, turn on “Automatic Updates”.
  3. Use complex passwords (strong passwords). Attackers use computer programs that attempt to guess passwords. Simple passwords are easily compromised.
  4. Don’t use the same password for everything!  You should have a different password for your computer, online banking and other websites.
  5. Limit which users have “administrator rights” and are able to install software on their computers. This greatly reduces the risk of malware or other unwanted software getting installed.
  6. Get a network firewall. Firewalls prevent unauthorised access to your network from the Internet and also scan Internet traffic for malicious content.
  7. User education is probably the most important. Many websites try to trick users into installing malicious software that looks like a legitimate program. Phishing emails are also used to target uneducated users and get them to disclose passwords. Educating users and making them aware of these types of attacks are just as important as the other steps mentioned above.

In small to medium-sized businesses, many leaders find themselves fulfilling multiple roles, IT being one of them. And in the current economic climate, very few companies have the budget for dedicated IT staff. Unfortunately, this means that some of the most important aspects of keeping your business’s IT systems secure can be overlooked. We help several organisations by managing their IT infrastructure for them. Our managed IT services will ensure that all your computer systems are running efficiently, reliably and proven security measures are implemented. We also provide Security Awareness training to educate users about online threats and cyber safety.

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